Helping Teams Succeed in Scrum

This is Vinod Narayan. I am a Scrum Master, Agile Coach & SAFe Program Consultant with over 27 years in the Tech Industry. Last 10+ years I served as a Scrum Master & Coach to Teams in Singularity University, Cisco, VMWare, Catalina & Wells Fargo. If you are a Scrum Master or want to be one. Or you are part of a Scrum Team and looking for support in your agile Scrum journey. Or if you are thinking of exploring Scrum in your organization. Send me a message & Let's Chat !

Are You Scrum Positive?

I ask that because everyone in a scrum team don't always have the same understanding of Scrum. You don't have to have the same opinion on everything but you all should have a good understanding of the spirit of Scrum. That is the start!
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Are You Sprint Positive?

You might never have encountered this question in the agile world. May be it does not exist. For me a Positive Sprint is one in which you have learning and improving, and have some action items to work on towards that. Be Sprint Positive not mechanical ceremonial iterations.
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Being Agile - A Crash Course on Agile Scrum

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